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Feb 28, 2021

Hey Jitter-fiends! Join us for our last episode before our break as we discuss 3 campy horror films. Can you tell we are ready for spring and the camping season as we discuss Cabin Fever, Cabin In The Woods and The Evil Dead. 

Feb 13, 2021

Hey there, Jitterfiends!  We've got a fun filled episode today as Nat is taking lead and discussing her all time favorite author the great Master of Horror himself, Stephen King.  Join us as we chat about our fave king books and movies!  

Jan 29, 2021

Join us this episode as we discuss our thoughts on Hell House LLC., creepy clowns and bad effects **Spoilers Inside** If you prefer to watch Hell House LLC prior to listening please do so. Don't say you were not warned. This episode covers the first entry in a trilogy of the Hell House LLC series.

Jan 14, 2021

Join us this episode as we discuss SyFy's Channel Zero Candle Cove. **Spoilers Ahoy** Hear our thoughts on what we thought on this season as a whole and it's characters. Jitters releases every other Wednesday.

Dec 30, 2020

Hey their fiends...or Jitterbugs...  We are so excited for today's episode!  Today we're discussing the good and the bad about the Slasher Flick sub genre of horror!  We also had the honor of having those crazy gals Ash & Nat from Crime Time Nerds come join us for some laughs and screams!  You can catch these two crime...